Welcome to Trivikram Immaneni's Homepage


Hello and welcome to my Homepage.

I was a doctoral student at WSU a long long time ago. My main research focus was on Information Retrieval, Semantic Web technologies and Artificial Intelligence (especially NLP, Planning and Agent Collaboration). My dissertation work was about unifying the Semantic Web (web of data) and the Hypertext Web (web of documents) into a single Unified Web, and combining the Information and Data Retrieval techniques to perform "Hybrid" retrieval of data and documents from this Unified Web.

I have since graduated and joined Technorati, the blog search company in San Francisco, where I work on crawlers, classifiers (Machine Learning algorithms), Hadoop based Distributed Computing and other fun stuff. So I no longer update this site regularly.

You can reach me at 3vikram at jeemhail dhot calm. I wonder if there is any robot out there that can decipher the improvised homophones in the previous sentence :).