Graduate Course List


Operating Systems (CEG 633)
Concurrent Software Design (CEG 634)
Distributed Computing and Systems (CEG 635)
Distributed Computing Principles (CEG 730)
Distributed Computing Systems (CEG 830 - Projects only)
Internet Security (CEG 699 - Projects only)
Introduction to Computer Communication (CEG 602)
Microprocessors (CEG 750)

Artificial Intelligence

Principles of Artificial Intelligence (CS 609)
Natural Language Processing Techniques (CS 771)
Advanced Natural Language Processing Concepts (CS 772)
Knowledge-Based Systems (CS 711)
Advanced Topics in AI – Multi-Agent Systems and Mixed-Initiative Planning (CS 712)
Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (CS 891)

Soft Computing

Foundations of Neurocomputing (CS 765)
Evolutionary Computation (CS 766)
Advanced Topics in Soft Computing (CS 865)

Software Engineering/Languages

Data Structures and Software Design (CS 600)
Introduction to Software Engineering (CEG 660)
Advanced Software Engineering (CEG 760)
Object-Oriented Programming (CEG 860)
Comparative Languages (CS 680)


Data Mining (CS 790)
Database Systems and Design (CS 701)
Computer Architecture (CEG 720)
Interactive Systems Modeling, Analysis and Design (CEG 665)
Introduction to Formal Languages (CS 666)
Theoretical Foundations of Computing (CS 610)
VLSI Testing and Design for Testability (CEG 754)
Statistical Methods for Testing, Development, and Manufacturing II (HFE 699)
Systems Process Analysis (HFE 677)

I have provided links to course pages where possible. Some of the courses may have changed and some of the links may be broken. But here are links to WSU catalogues where some basic information about the courses can be found:
WSU CS Graduate Catalog
WSU CEG Graduate Catalog